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How to Select the Perfect Lot or Land

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Congratulations, you’ve made the decision to build the home of your dreams! Since location is the one thing you won’t be able to change, it’s important that you select the perfect lot or land. So without further ado, here are some tips to help you find the ideal place to build your new home.

Explore Different Neighborhoods

Make sure the neighborhood you build on is ideal for your lifestyle and needs. Do you have small children? If so, make sure you opt for a family-friendly neighborhood. Do you hope to be close to work? Find a neighborhood that offers a short commute. You should also consider the neighborhood's growth potential. If it’s an older area, it may not have any room for new builds.

Don't Ignore Noise and Traffic

The last thing you want is to build a home and realize that you’re in an area that’s too noisy or busy. If you have children or simply want to be somewhere that’s peaceful and quiet, be sure to drive by the neighborhoods you’re considering at different times in the day. Figure out if you’d like a cul-de-sac with a large backyard or a corner lot with traffic and sidewalks on two sides of your land.

Research Restrictions and Limitations

Before you move forward with a lot, do your due diligence. Get to know HOA rules and environmental conditions to make sure you can build the home you want. You may find the perfect plot of land and find out that it doesn’t meet the minimum acreage requirements in the area.

Consider Property Lines

Property lines are where your lot ends and another one begins. When you know exactly where your property lines are, you’ll have a better idea of how much room you actually have to build. A surveyor is a professional that can identify where your property lines are so there is no confusion once you start the building process.

Think About Utilities

If you decide to build in an urban area, you’ll likely have easy access to gas, water, and sewer. All you’ll have to do is figure out how much these utilities will cost you every month. In the event you want to build in a rural setting, internet, cable, and gas may not be available. You’ll have to determine which providers you’ll use and how much they may charge.

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