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About Us
You always hear nightmare stories about experiences with people building their dream home, but after building with Hoss I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again. Their process and people addressed anything we asked about with enthusiasm and specifics, with no surprise costs or results. Plus our house was finished and we moved in on the timeframe set before the first shovel went into the ground.

You start as a client and end up as a friend. Even though we asked for changes during construction, their attitude was always focused on getting us what we wanted while keeping the project on budget and on time.  Any question we asked was answered quickly and honestly making any decisions on our part easy. Overall our experience exceeded our expectations.
- J. Clark

Steve is one of the sharpest business professionals I know. He is thorough in every detail and a pleasure to work with for my wife and I. I took 2 years to research builders. In that process, Hoss Homes kept coming up to the top from people within the building community (commercial or residential). Steve has demonstrated to me time and time again that he is one of the most knowledgeable, savviest, ethical and caring professional I know. His greatest attribute though, is that he really cares about his clients and always has their best interests mind. I would recommend Steve to anyone considering building. Call me and I will share my research on builders.
- J. Hern

"Steve is always very responsive, very customer-oriented. We've been in our home for five years now and he is still helpful when we have a concern. If I were going to build again in the Indianapolis area, my first choice would be Hoss Homes."
- J. Wood

"It was a great experience. It was our first custom-built home. We wanted to stay within our budget and we had extreme tastes. Steve was able to give us unique features while staying within our budget. The process of building was a pleasure. He always receives high praise from those who have worked with him and now I know why."
- J. Stone

"Steve made it a very easy process. We would definitely build with him again. He is very accessible and responsive to needs and questions. Two years later, he is still very responsive to our questions. I can confirm all the positive references I received, both solicited and unsolicited."
- D. Lewis