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Home Building Process

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The following outline will discuss the typical building process from the initial consultation to turning the key in your new front door.  Every home is unique therefore we will custom tailor this process to fit your specific needs.

We have developed progressive meetings throughout the home building process to make your experience more enjoyable.  You are encouraged to visit your project as often as possible and ask any questions you may have.

Consultation Meeting



The design process is as important as the first scoop of dirt excavated.  This portion of the building process typically takes four to eight weeks.  During the Design Process we will build your home on paper before ever driving a nail.  This helps ensure that the project is exactly what you want and most unforeseen complications are resolved beforehand.  


Construction Documents

Structural Construction

We would love to meet you on site before excavation to take pictures and have a small shovel ceremony.


Prior to beginning the electrical/mechanical phase you will meet with your project coordinator, Steve Hoss, lighting designers and electrical contractors for a “Walk-Thru”.  At this meeting we will discuss the placement and type of all fixtures, switches and outlets.  We will also discuss furniture placement in specific rooms along with any built in cabinets or casework. This is a very exciting meeting and another opportunity to take pictures and discover more about your home.


Interior Finish

Prior to beginning the interior carpentry phase you will meet with your project coordinator, Steve Hoss, designers and interior carpenters to discuss all interior casework and custom “built on site” cabinetry.  We will also meet with the painting contractors as well as flooring contractors to discuss the specific finishes and layouts that best suit your taste and design.

Exterior Finish

Prior to beginning the Exterior Landscape phase you will meet with your project coordinator, Steve Hoss, landscape contractor and concrete contractor. At this meeting we will discuss and layout all planting areas, sidewalks, driveways and tree planting locations.

Interior Finish

At this point of the project all the contractors will be putting the finishing touches on your home. We will schedule two meetings to establish a “punch list” as your home nears completion. The first meeting will be with your project coordinator and Steve Hoss. At this meeting we will inspect your home and identify any outstanding items that require attention. The second meeting will take place before closing. At this meeting we will inspect all painting and finishes to assure satisfaction.

Move In

Enjoy your new home!

Sixty Day “Punch List”

Twelve Month “Punch List”