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About Us

Steve Hoss has an abundance of creative energy and a knack for figuring things out that propelled him into a rapid rise in the construction trades. As a teenager he started out as a helper for a local framing company and within a few years was running his own crew and looking forward to the day when he would be in charge of the entire operation.

His ambition coupled with an uncanny artistic talent led him to designing homes in his free time. In 1975 he founded Hoss Homes and began offering that talent to the residential home market. His approach to this new endeavor was filled with enthusiasm and determination. His focus and intention was to offer each customer their dream home. Steve began with a belief that presence on the job and attention to detail is a critical aspect of home construction.

Thirty five years later we still find Steve on projects scrutinizing details and directing his workforce to achieve the highest quality. Experience has taught Steve to leave “nothing to chance” when it comes to construction. He strives to learn new things everyday and embrace new discoveries in building science.

Meet Steve Hoss